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The Peach Family

"Ms. Wall has been tutoring my two middle schoolers for about two years.  She has helped us during the school year and on summer break. We have been very pleased with their improvement in reading comprehension, writing, and improvements with test scores. She is a pleasure to work with and very motivating with the children. I would highly recommend her tutoring services to family, friends, and any other students in the Howard County area." 

The Gabriel Family

"Ms. Wall is an incredible teacher, very professional and always willing to help. Since the beginning, Ms. Wall understood my son’s gaps with reading and writing and created an individualized material for them. In the last year, they have improved a lot, and they're much more confident. She's more than a regular tutor-she's like a counselor and a mentor to my family."

The Idowu Family

"Ms. Wall did an initial evaluation, which led to the discover of gaps in English levels with my nephew. She gave us the necessary guidance to help improve his reading comprehension and writing. She is very knowledgable about the school system and is willing to advocate for her students. Ms. Wall might be a little lady, but she knows how to get the kids to do their work. She is always willing to go the extra mile for our family."

The Nebiyu Family

"Ms. Wall has been tutoring my boys for over 2 years. Ms. Wall is very professional, encouraging and flexible. She is reliable and we can count on her to show up. Ms. Wall is always willing to accommodate us even when we call at the last minute. The boys have become better writers as a result of her instruction. My freshman, especially has become very confident with his course work. He is taking honors English in 9th grade and doing quite well. I would like to thank you for the great tutoring you provided and continue to provide to enhance all their academic experiences. We always reach out to you whenever we need assistance in English and you are there to help. The boys enjoy learning from you. They all appreciate your patience, support, and dedication.Thanks again for making a genuine and appreciable difference in them, I highly recommend you to other parents and students in the community!"

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