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Offered all year long!
Rates start at $80/hr.

Each session is designed around the needs of your child. At our free consultation, we will decide what skills and areas we will focus on and how often we will have our sessions. Sessions can be split between siblings. Families pay for the time, not the material, therefore, I am happy to spend our sessions working on whatever is needed and the best use of our time together. All materials are included (including suggested books for reading) :-).Here are some general options that I offer (feel free to offer suggestions):

General Academic Support


Get ahead of the curve by staying on top of difficult homework, exams, and standardized testing. Included in these sessions are optional writing tools and organizers, study tips/review, essay editing/review, and more! No obstacle is too big! Online learning has created many struggles for students and families of all ages! Have a certified teacher come to save the day (for both parents and students ;) ). 

Sessions are available one-on-one OR available online - 1 hour, 90 minutes, or two hour sessions available

SAT/ Test-Prep


There is no one recipe for standardized test success. What works for one student won’t work for another, nor do we all learn at the same pace. As a former student, whom struggled with standardized testing and testing anxiety, I bring my own experiences to the table to show students that anything is possible. With tests as challenging as the SAT, it’s especially important to get the right help.

Your first meeting starts with a thorough assessment: I’ll find out what you already know about the topic, and much more: what time you like to study, how long you can concentrate for without losing focus, and what frustrates you most about particular questions. Once I understand your preferred learning and performance styles, I can help you to use your natural strengths to excel.

Not only will we go over studying tips and strategies, but we will also complete various practice tests, in addition to reviewing concepts/skills that seem to come as a struggle for you.

All materials and a study folder will be provided for you.

College Application / Scholarship Support


Whether it is preparing your resume for your interviews, or writing that killer essay to get you into your dream college, eliminate the stress associated with the college application process by working together to guide you (and your family) through the process with confidence.

I will provide each student with one-on-one assistance with the college essay, the college application, and seeking out any scholarship opportunities. Students (and parents) will be provided with an abundance of resources to help make this an easy and understandable process. Students will learn how to achieve that stand-out quality that sets their application apart from the general population. Whatever the needs may be, we will work together to be sure that every application leaves with a unique angle that will make YOU stand out to admissions officers. 

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