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My dream and passion throughout life has always been teaching. I have experience teaching English (Grades K- College), both as a general Ed teacher and as a special educator, specifically working with children with learning disabilities. 


After spending several years in the classroom and gaining more interest from families for personal tutoring sessions, I decided to start my own personal tutoring business that focuses on more than just students' academical needs. I have found that forming a relationship with students is the key to success. I find comfort in having the ability to work with students for more than just a school year-supporting them academically-and serving as a mentor to help pave the path to success. 


Given my wide range of experiences in the field of education, I am here to support both students AND families in any way that I can. 

I graduated from Towson University with a B.A. degree in Secondary Education/English. 

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Why work with Ms. Wall?


"She's real...she get's us and I feel like she is one of the few that understands the struggles of being a student." 

....I have to admit, I often catch myself having flashbacks to those days and those struggles- not just in the classroom, but in my everyday life as a teenager, too. I find interest in not only digging deep into the subject matter of English/Language arts, but also diving beyond the material itself and handling the real issues that frequently come up for students: managing time, reducing pressure, and optimizing both focus and self-care. Building relationships with students is something I strive for, and unfortunately, not all teachers have the ability or time to equally divide his/her attention amongst all students in the classroom (especially during a pandemic). ​I devote my heart and energy to my students, with hope that they achieve success.

 Fun Facts

In both middle school and high school, I won the "Most likely to become a teacher" award! 


I have a LuLu! 

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